What is art? Who are the real artists? Sure many of you answered: “Picasso”. Now I tell you, look some of his most famous paints like “El Guernica”. el-guernica
The three musicians. lostresmusicos_picasso
Sure many of you will say: Is that art? Even I can paint better than him. And when you dray something people look indifferent and you thing: Is it art what Picasso did but it isn´t art what I do? They you see on TV that the daughter-in-law of the Baroness Thyssen is an artist and you see her paints: 13911059437995
Surely seeing them you think: I can do it too! I know how to make art!
But not, if you do the same people will laugh of you, they´ll call you stupid adn they´ll say you: Painting isn´t your thing. But if you were the child of any famous people they would say the opposite: Very good! We see you have an aptitude for art. So what is art?, who are the real artists? For these times art is nothing, it´s just a way to earn money, and the artists are the famous people. For these times, if you´re not famous, you´re nobody. But the current definition of what is art?, who are the real artists? is wrong. I´ll give you the correct definition.

art: way to express feelings, through the music, writing, pictures, graffiti …
artist: person who expresses what he feels (person who makes art) without caring what others think